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Vision, Mission & Values

Vision, Mission & Values

We believe in our Mission, Vision and Values of BTPN Syariah as the ultimate direction in nurturing the growth in the lives of millions of Indonesian.”

The Mission

Together, we create opportunities for growth and a more meaningful life. 

The Vision

To be the best Sharia Bank, for financial inclusion, making a difference in the lives of millions of Indonesia. 

Together, means that we can only deliver the mission in collaboration with all stakeholders which include all employees, customers, government and regulator, shareholders and public community.

We Create Opportunities, implies that we do every endeavor to make all the activites in BTPN Syariah as opportunities for growth.

Growth, signifies that we will utilize all the opportunies to bring changes to all stakeholders towards a betterment.


A More Meaningful Life, suggests that all stakeholders of BTPN Syariah are growing and in so doing bring benefits for the surrounding.




(Professionalism, Integrity, Mutual Respect and Teamwork – the Indonesia acronym is PRISMA)


Is embodied by improving expertise as required by the profession.

All employees are expected to demonstrate the behavior of continuously enhance the expertise in line with the respective profession, maintain strict discipline and adherence to the code of conduct of the Company, and strive for excellence.


Is essentially a demonstration of the integration between action and principles or values.
All employees are expected to be honest and truthful, to act according to the norms, and to deliver commitment.

Mutual Respect

Being respectul and appreciate the opinion and contribution of others respective to the roles, responsibilities and expertise.  All employees are expected to listen and appreciate the works of others.


Put the common objectives as the primary concern and leveraging difference to become the ultimate source of strength. All the employees are expected to be able to work in a team, seek to understand the differences of the team and figure out how to capitalize the differences to reach the ultimate objective of the team, and show mutual trust to work and help each other