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About Daya

About Daya

Aspired to deliver social mission, BTPN Syariah creates Daya as its unique value proposition to empower mass market in a sustained and measured manner. Implemented throughout the year, Daya is manifested in three core pillars, namely Daya Sehat Sejahtera (Daya Program for Health and Wellness), Daya Tumbuh Usaha (Daya Program to Grow Business), and Daya Tumbuh Komunitas (Daya Program for Community Building).


Referring to Regulation of Financial Services Authority (POJK) No. 01/POJK.07/2013 concerning Customer Protection in Financial Services Sector and Decree of Financial Services Authority (SEOJK) No. 1/SEOJK.07/2014 concerning The Education to Improve Financial Literacy to the Customers and/or Society; BTPN Syariah prepared a plan to educate the community to understand the bank products and services relevant to their needs. This is in line with the objectives of BTPN Syariah, that is:

  • To improve the community’s knowledge about banking;
  • To increase the quantity of the community using financial products and services relevant to their needs (financial inclusion);
  • To educate the community to better understand the benefits of banking products and services and how to use them to improve their own welfare.

BTPN Syariah applies two approaches in realizing the above mentioned Daya program. First, for non-customers, it is done by exploring and empowering the economic potential of the community by providing the education about financial planning to realize the family aspiration. Second, for customers, it is done through the Basic Membership Training and Daya Training Program. This sort of training is delivered to all the customers of Tunas Usaha Rakyat in 5 (five) consecutive days. Upon completion of the training, the customers will be able to understand and apply the basic steps of managing family financial, so as to enable them to attain the objectives to become a more prosperous family.


The Daya Program consists of three pillars, including:

  • Daya Sehat Sejahtera (Daya Program for Health and Wellness);
  • Daya Tumbuh Usaha (Daya Program to Grow Business);
  • Daya Tumbuh Komunitas (Daya Program for Community Building).

The above three pillars are further translated into 4 (four) modules of Daya Financial Training, that is: Basic Financial Management, Towards My Dream, Saving for My Dream and Realizing My Dream. 


Complementing those 3 pillars, BTPN Syariah initiated a social movement to engage the employees to actively participate in the customer empowerment program named Sahabat Daya. As such, BTPN Syariah provides the opportunities  for all stakeholders to participate, share and interact with the customers which essentially implies taking an active role in making a difference in the lives of millions of Indonesia.


In line with the business development which emphasized on strategic innovation, in 2015 BTPN Syariah took concrete actions to apply Daya Program, including: establishing cooperation with BTPN to optimize the exisiting resources, improving the quality of education program implementation, building a structured monitoring and evaluation system, opening more opportunities for the employees to actively participate in Daya program, and establishing collaboration with other organizations who shared a vision on empowerment. 


Daya applies accurate measures to identify the impacts and effectiveness of the empowerment program.

By encouraging the economic growth of the family and application of healthy living habits, we strive to provide the opportunities to attain a better life.