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Daya Program for Health and Wellness (Daya Sehat Sejahtera)

In encourafing a healthy living habit, the Daya Program for Health and Wellness educates the customers on how improve health and wellness. This initiative has a promotive and preventive objectives.

Health and Wellness Information

Information on health topics in the form of practical tips and guidelines that are provided regularly in the Routine Center Meeting.

Health Services

Providing complimentary health services on regular basis to financing customer, including health check and health consultation performed by Cadres of Health during the Routine Center Meeting.

Cadres of Health  

Grand-Aides Cadres of Health is the customers (non medical workers) who are selected and specifically trained to become health workers by equipping her with the basic skills to perform basic health check.

Daya Program to Grow Business (Daya Tumbuh Usaha)

Realizing the importance of building and developing the business of the financing customers, BTPN – on top of providing access to capital – also educates the customers to improve their skills and knowledge to do business with specific emphasis on managing financials and entrepreneurship. The modules are Financial Management, Saving, Initiating a Business and Developing a Business.

Daya Program for Community Development (Daya Tumbuh Komunitas)

By encouraging the economic growth of the family and healthy living, we strive to provide the opportunities to attain a better life.

Daya Program for Community Development is a community adoption program to empower the communities through skills enhancement, business achievement and health improvement.

The Piloting project in progress is the establishment of Business Community based on shared interest, needs and commitment to collaborate to succeed the business. The education includes the training on business sustainability, initiating access for a wider marketing opportunities and information on health and wellness.