Creating opportunities for growth and a more meaningful life
for millions of productive low-income families.


Since becoming officially operational on July 14, 2014, BTPN Syariah has been well-known as the only bank in Indonesia
that focused on serving underprivileged families. BTPN Syariah built extremely different facilities and infrastructure than other banks,
in general, to ensure effective and efficient products, as well as services to serve such segment.

With just 25 branches and 41 Operational Function Offices across Indonesia,
the bank has a collective of nearly 12,000 proactive employees in almost 70% of the total sub-districts in Indonesia,
which directly implements the empowerment program of underprivileged families in customer centers
by building 4 key empowerment behaviors, namely having are Courage to Try, Discipline, Hard Work, and Solidarity (BDKS).
Collected funds from around 20,000 prosperous customers, with almost all distributed to underprivileged families, reached 3.2 million active customers.

Together we create opportunities to grow and live more meaningfully.

This belief in 'Do Good Do Well', of having a good performance and a real social impact,
is what makes all employees in BTPN Syariah share one common identity, the identity of a #bankirpemberdaya.

Sharia BTPN Agents assist the Bank in carrying out banking (deposit and withdrawal of savings)
and non-banking (such as electricity bills payment, purchasing telephone credit, etc.)
transactions as well as other services needed for underprivileged families in Indonesia.


Funding customers contribute to empowering
millions of productive low-incomes families
in Indonesia towards a more meaningful life.


Developing key behaviours of productive
low-income customers, who have courage
to do business, discipline, hard work,
and solidarity to achieve a better life.

Branch Office Location

Our Journey

  1. 2008 - 2013

    In March 2008, the Sharia Business Unit of BTPN was established,
    and the first sharia branch office, supported by 49 employees,
    was inaugurated in Bandung.

    In addition to sharia banking services, the Unit was to fund small
    and medium-sized enterprises and provide mortgage services to customers.
    Subsequently, the second branch office was established in Jakarta,
    in December 2013.

  2. 2014

    The rapid progress of BTPN’s Sharia Business Unit – evident in growing numbers of employees and customers, which by 2014 reached 9,447
    and 1.3 million respectively – was unprecedented.
    Institutions and media of both local and international scale
    grew interest in the Unit. Among them were IFC, Koran Financial Times, Grameen Foundation, and Bank of Japan.

    On 14 July 2014, BTPN’s Sharia Business Unit officially merged with
    Bank Sahabat Purbadanarta into BTPN Syariah. The milestone was marked by
    opening new branches in Padang, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Aceh, Medan, Kupang, Surabaya, and Pekanbaru, as well as relocating the first branch in Bandung, all of which took place from June to September 2014.

    During the time, we also facilitated 1,521 MMS (sharia mobile marketers),
    managed IDR2.5 trillion of financing fund, and marketed flagship products
    such as Paket Masa Depan (financing product designed for women’s groups in rural areas), Deposito Berjangka iB (time deposit based on profit-sharing agreement), and Tabungan Citra iB (minimum-deposit savings with free admin fee).

    In the same year, BTPN Syariah was certified to use Grameen Bank’s Progress
    out of Poverty Index (PPI) for measuring customer welfare
    in Tunas Usaha Rakyat (TUR) program, piloted BTPN Wow!,
    and relocated our Head Office from floor 6 to 34 of Cyber 2 Tower, Jakarta.

  3. 2015 - 2016

    BTPN Syariah was officially registered at the Financial Services Authority (OJK)
    as a BUKU 2 bank under the Business Activities and Office Networks Based on
    Bank Core Capital regulation. Our excellence was also recognized
    by different stakeholders, who awarded us predicates such as;
    - Best Sharia Bank in BUKU 1 Category
    - Sharia Bank with the Highest Financing Distribution in BUKU 1 Category
    - Sharia Bank with the Highest Profitability in BUKU 1 Category

    We owe these prestigious accolades to our 11,202 employees,
    who have dedicated themselves to serving over 1.5 million customers
    in 1,838 centers, meticulously manage an increased fund of IDR3.7 trillion,
    and eagerly offer best products, such as Paket Masa Depan, Deposito Berjangka iB, and Tabungan Citra iB, to customers.

  4. 2017

    BTPN Syariah has been recognized and awarded by various national
    and global institutions as the Best Sharia Bank for the Category of Bank
    with Total Assets below Rp10 trillion
    . Bank Indonesia awarded us predicate
    as the Best Buku 2 Bank Serving MSMEs for the Category of Sharia
    and Conventional Banking in Indonesia
    . On the international level, we received
    recognition as the Best Islamic SME Bank from the Global Islamic Finance Awards.
  5. 2018

    BTPN Syariah officially became a public company and was listed on
    Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) through an Initial Public Offering (IPO)
    under IDX ticker symbol BTPS, with initial price of Rp975 on 8 May 2018.

    In addition, on 6 December 2018, BTPN Syariah launched Tabungan Haji
    (Hajj Savings Account), a secure and guaranteed savings account product
    that is connected online to the Integrated Hajj Computerized System of the Ministry of Religion (SISKOHAT).