As #bankirpemberdaya, all BTPN Syariah employees have the opportunities to participate and contribute to empowering productive low-income customers. Therefore, improving their capacity is a shared responsibility not only borne by our 'Melati Putih Bangsa', who interacts directly with the customers on a daily basis.

Productive low-income customers are empowered through 4 pillars: financial access, membership, coaching, and training. BTPN Syariah brands its training program as 'Daya' to differentiate from other programs in the market.

The training is dedicated to all productive low-income customers and invites employees and funding customers to participate. That being said, Daya by BTPN Syariah goes beyond a Corporate Social Responsibility program and serves as a fundamental pillar interconnected with the Bank's 3 Unique Value Propositions, with focus on empowering and serving productive low-income customers.

3 Pillars of Daya

Work together as empowering agents

We believe that everyone can participate in changing the lives of millions of low-income communities. This is the fundamental value of Sahabat Daya, a program that enables BTPN Sharia funding customers to actively participate in our empowerment efforts by volunteering.

Sahabat Daya are given the opportunity to meet members of low-income households to share their experience and motivate them. Through the program, they can witness firsthand the persistence and determination of our joyful and modest low-income customers. We hope that this experience can inspire and motivate Sahabat Daya to continuously empower others.

To expand the reach of the program, BTPN Syariah initiates collaboration with various universities. Sahabat Daya has been implemented in Universitas Trisakti, Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara, and Universitas Brawijaya, with empowerment focus on healthcare and business development.